A Beginner's Guide to the Vintage Muscle Products Line and Lifestyle

A Beginner's Guide to the Vintage Muscle Products Line and Lifestyle

Vintage Muscle is renowned for its range of muscle-building supplements designed for fitness enthusiasts seeking to enhance their strength, muscle mass, and overall physique. Our product line caters to various fitness goals, whether it's gaining muscle, shredding fat, or optimizing workout recovery. This guide introduces beginners to Vintage Muscle's products and the lifestyle associated with them.

Table of contents

Win-Test: The Muscle BuilderEqui-Mass: For Mass GainingHydroxygenin: Fat Burning and Muscle PreservationAlpha Test Stack: Building Lean MuscleAnabolic Shred Stack: Shredding Fat, Maintaining Muscle6 Muscle Support Stack: Testosterone and Estrogen Balance7 RAD-Mass Stack: For Muscle Gains8 1-Androl Stack: Lean Muscle and Strength9 TITAN: Testosterone Support10 AMINOS: Versatile Workout Support11 ADRENOBURN: Pre-Workout Fat Burner12 NITRIC: Pump and Performance Enhancer13 Vintage Muscle PREWORKOUT

Win-Test: The Muscle Builder

Win-Test stands out as a powerful muscle-building supplement, acting as a potent dry gainer. It includes epiandrosterone and 5a-OHP, aiding in developing hardened muscle mass and density​​. You can use Win-Test to maintain your muscle gains during a cutting cycle!

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Equi-Mass: For Mass Gaining

As a precursor to Boldenone, Equi-Mass helps in building significant muscle mass and strength. Its formulation includes 1,4-OHP, which supports size, fullness, and recovery​​. This is your wet mass gainer for big fast gains!

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Hydroxygenin: Fat Burning and Muscle Preservation

Hydroxygenin combines metabolism and thyroid superchargers with muscle-preserving natural anabolics, aiding in fat loss while maintaining muscle density. Key ingredients include T2, 7-OXO-DHEA, and Laxogenin​​.

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Alpha Test Stack: Building Lean Muscle

This supplement is designed to build hard, lean muscle and strength. It includes one of the most androgenic compounds available over-the-counter, promoting drastic muscle density and growth​​.



Anabolic Shred Stack: Shredding Fat, Maintaining Muscle

Specifically formulated to shred fat while preserving muscle growth, this stack features Laxogenin, a potent natural plant sterol, enhancing protein synthesis and muscle recovery​​.


Muscle Support Stack: Testosterone and Estrogen Balance

This stack is designed to increase natural testosterone production while controlling estrogen. It features high-quality aromatase inhibitors, optimizing testosterone levels and promoting muscle growth​​.


RAD-Mass Stack: For Muscle Gains

RAD-Mass is intended for those looking to gain muscle mass. It includes 4-DHEA, a precursor to testosterone, facilitating explosive power and drastic muscle growth​​.


1-Androl Stack: Lean Muscle and Strength

1-Androl Stack focuses on building lean muscle and enhancing strength. It contains 1-DHEA, known for its efficacy in lean muscle gains and improving fat loss​​.


TITAN: Testosterone Support

TITAN is a testosterone base and support drink, ideal for boosting testosterone levels and enhancing gym performance. Its blend includes D-Aspartic Acid and Fadogia Agrestis Extract​​.

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AMINOS: Versatile Workout Support

AMINOS serves as a versatile workout drink mix, providing support for pre, intra, and post-workout phases. It's packed with ingredients for better workouts and faster recovery​​.

ADRENOBURN: Pre-Workout Fat Burner

ADRENOBURN is designed to accelerate fat burning during workouts. It contains a blend of eight fat-burning ingredients, providing the energy and focus needed for intense workout sessions​​.

NITRIC: Pump and Performance Enhancer

NITRIC enhances blood flow and recovery, contributing to better overall performance. It's designed to provide a noticeable pump and faster recovery​​.

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Vintage Muscle PREWORKOUT

This pre-workout supplement is formulated to reignite the intensity of workouts, suitable for those looking to replicate the vigor of their younger days in the gym: