CHISEL: AOD 9604 topical fat loss spray

CHISEL: AOD 9604 topical fat loss spray

Bodybuilders traditionally use androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) for cutting cycles to maintain their muscle mass during the calorie-deficit period. AAS utilize the androgen receptor (AR) pathway, a proven method in sports performance enhancement. However, over the years, coaches have figured out that exploiting other adjacent hormonal pathways can yield exponentially better results. AOD 9604, a peptide hormone, offers such an alternative. It works via the beta-3 adrenergic receptor pathway, similar to the way human growth hormone (hGH) does. AOD 9604 enhances fat loss by replicating the fraction of human Growth Hormone responsible for fat metabolism without the side effects of using full-length hGH. In this article, we will explore the science behind this peptide and why CHISEL Spray is the best product containing AOD 9604 that you can get your hands on today.

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What is AOD 9604?

The compound AOD 9604 (Anti-Obesity Drug 9604) is a peptide hormone derived from hGH, and it has gained fast popularity as a fat-loss supplement. AOD 9604 is a fraction of hGH that consists of a sequence of 15 amino acids. Specifically, it represents the C-terminus end of the Growth Hormone molecule, consisting of the amino acids 177-191. This peptide causes fat loss because its structure mimics a segment of the human growth hormone molecule that science believes is responsible for its fat-burning properties. So far, overwhelming user reports point to AOD 9604 working as expected to promote the breakdown of stored body fat and inhibit the formation of new fat. Unlike hGH, AOD 9604 does not adversely affect insulin levels making it an appealing option for individuals focused on reducing body fat while preserving muscle mass during cutting cycles (PMID: 11673763).

How AOD 9604 causes fat loss

While the exact molecular process is still a subject of ongoing research, science understands that AOD 9604 mimics the lipolytic (fat-breaking) function of hGH, acting on a pathway called the beta-3 adrenergic receptor pathway, which is known to facilitate fat metabolism (PMID: 11713213).

AOD 9604 activates a cascade of intracellular events leading to the breakdown of fat. Key among these processes is the activation of an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), which plays a central role in breaking down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol - a process known as lipolysis.

In addition, some experts believe AOD 9604 can inhibit the process of lipogenesis, which is the transformation of non-fat food calories into body fat. It does this by downregulating lipogenic enzyme expression and upregulating beta-3 adrenergic receptors, leading to enhanced fat metabolism and weight loss.

As this is a developing field, the exact mechanisms may be subject to change as more research is published. We will update these articles with the most accurate and updated information as it comes.

Why is AOD 9604 in CHISEL Spray

CHISEL Spray harnesses the power of both androgen receptor activation and the additional beta-3 adrenergic receptor pathway.

TRT clinics have long been prescribing the stack of Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (hGH) to aid their patients in speeding up body fat loss. Testosterone and hGH are a very effective stack, and both compounds have a synergistic effect to help burn fat and build muscle mass. The problem is that stacking these two could be fraught with potential side effects. Testosterone may induce an overproduction of estrogen causing side effects like Gyno and Water retention, and hGH can negatively impact insulin sensitivity so you must take proper precautions if you are ever thinking about using these two.

The ideal alternative?
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Vintage Muscle created CHISEL, formulated with the potent combination of Androsterone and AOD 9604, meant to recreate the same synergistic effect without the same potential for side effects.

Androsterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that can boost strength and promote lean muscle development, increasing the speed of progress in sculpting your physique. Androsterone converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a powerful steroid hormone that won't cause any estrogen side effects the way injecting testosterone could. 

To complement the Androsterone in CHISEL, we added AOD 9604 to mimic the fat-burning properties of hGH without the downside of negatively affecting insulin sensitivity. In this formula, AOD 9604 is there to stimulate lipolysis and inhibit lipogenesis. We designed CHISEL for topical application, so you can target the fatty areas of your body that need the most sculpting by spraying directly there.

Fat loss applying CHISEL (AOD 9604)

For maximum results, use CHISEL Spray on the skin before training, pump 15 sprays of CHISEL to that area of your body you want to focus the fat loss. Maintain a caloric deficit in your diet if you are trying to lose fat. Let CHISEL do the rest to focus on trouble areas.

It's the synergy between Androsterone and AOD 9604 that sets Chisel apart. When absorbed through the skin, these ingredients work together to boost fat cell metabolism and promote muscle growth. The result? A chiseled, defined physique free from the typical side effects associated with the testosterone and hGH stack.

CHISEL is more than our flagship fat-burning spray. It's our commitment to your excellence and embodies the hard work you put into your body at the gym. With the combined power of AOD 9604 and epiandrosterone, CHISEL offers a body-defining experience that sets the bar high.

Other names for AOD 9604

AOD 9604 is known by a few other names, primarily linked to its structure and origin. Here are some of them:

Anti-Obesity Drug-9604
Fragment 177-191
HGH Fragment 177-191
AOD 9604
CHISEL by Vintage Muscle

Please note that depending on the context or the source, the peptide might also be referred to by other names. Always ensure that you're purchasing from a reputable source like Vintage Muscle.

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