Mike Mentzer's Steroid Cycle: A Vintage Muscle Recreation

Mike Mentzer's Steroid Cycle: A Vintage Muscle Recreation

Mike Mentzer, a prominent figure in bodybuilding history, was known not only for his revolutionary training techniques but also for his approach to anabolic chemical enhancement. While precise details about his drug regimen are not widely available, through a combination of interviews, excerpts, and speculative analysis, we can piece together a hypothetical protocol that Mentzer might have used. In this article, I will speculate what Mike Mentzer might have used if the Vintage Muscle products were available during his time.

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Mentzer's Alleged Steroid Protocol

Mentzer's regimen reportedly involved the strategic cycling of different anabolic steroids during the off-season or precompetition, the compounds were picked to maximize muscle growth and conditioning. Key components of this protocol included:

Offseason: Predominantly Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone) cycles.

Precompetition: A combination of Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) for bulking and Testosterone and Primobolan (Methenolone) for cutting and muscle definition.

These substances were used in a cyclical manner to prepare for competitions, with a clear distinction between bulking phases and cutting phases.

Modern Adaptation with Vintage Muscle Prohormones

Given the advancements in supplement technology and a better understanding of health implications, one can adapt Mentzer's protocol using modern-day alternatives. Vintage Muscle products designed to mimic the effects of these anabolic substances could be used as follows:

Offseason Cycle

A combination of Vintage Muscle's 19-Nor Stack and Post-Cycle Therapy with Muscle Support Stack could potentially replicate the anabolic effects of Deca-Durabolin, helping in muscle growth and recovery.


Muscle Support Stack: This is your Post-Cycle Therapy Stack that you should use for every cycle.

Vintage Muscle PreWorkout: Provides the necessary stimulus for intense training sessions.

19-Nor Stack: Used to simulate the anabolic effects of Deca-Durabolin.

Pre-Workout Regimen: The use of Vintage Muscle PreWorkout Powder before workouts could simulate the stimulant effect of the compound that Mentzer reportedly used for his intense training sessions.

Competition Cycle

For the bulking phase, products like Equi-Mass could be used, followed by a combination of Rad-Mass Stack, 19-Nor Stack, and Alpha-Test Stack for the cutting phase. This mirrors the transition from Dianabol to a Testosterone and Primobolan regimen.


Equi-Mass: Used during the initial bulking phase.

Rad-Mass Stack + 19-Nor Stack + Alpha-Test Stack: These are important during the cutting phase to replicate the effects of the Testosterone, Deca, and Primobolan stack.

Muscle Support Stack: This is your Post-Cycle Therapy Stack that you should use for every cycle.

Vintage Muscle PreWorkout: Provides more energy for intense training sessions even while on a caloric deficit in the days leading up to competition.

Graphical Representation of the Cycle


Offseason Cycle: 


Competition Cycle:

These graphs illustrate the cyclical nature of Mentzer's anabolic regimen, adapted to modern supplements, showing the duration and transition between different phases of his bodybuilding preparation.

While recreating Mike Mentzer's anabolic protocol with modern supplements offers an interesting perspective, it's crucial to emphasize that you must do the work in the gym and eat a proper diet to see significant results.  

Mike Mentzer Steroid Cycle Video