Why do people feel better on Vintage Muscle Stacks compared to SARMs?


This question is relevant to my experience with these types of ingredients and compounds. I've done both being the owner of a pretty big, exotic muscle builder company. And I've had to try a lot of different things. I have found that there are a lot of benefits to taking Vintage Muscle stacks over SARMs: Vintage Muscle customers have more energy more libido and more of every type of hormonal benefit. Compared to on SARMs, users feel a bit more lethargic, they get more tired, and they almost can lose a lot of the drive that they desire.

First off, is there's more hormone in your body when you're taking Vintage Muscle supplement and stacks compared to taking a SARM. How that works is with a SARM, it's binding to the androgen receptors, and it's having the testosterone connect to it more. So yes, it's as if you have more hormone, but it's more so getting more out of what you already have. Your body recognizes that it's taking advantage more efficiently of your hormones in there, and it starts to lower your overall hormonal levels. Let's say the average gym-goer goes in, and his testosterone is at 500, he gets on a SARM. In that first week, he's like, I'm feeling better, I'm feeling good, then his testosterone is going to slowly crash until by the end he's at 100 or 200 testosterone levels.

With Vintage Muscle you're getting an external source of more hormone. We use the anabolic precursors using DHEA derivatives as kind of the base model.

And by switching that carbon atom, we can modify what that is converting to. So when a Vintage Muscle customer takes our products, when he goes into the test results, he has higher test levels than when he began. Like our customer support dude Blaine, before we hired him he posted a lab result of him being over 2000. And obviously, the doctor and I helped him lower back down because we can't have you sitting at over 2000 testosterone levels all the time. This shows how people feel a lot more energetic with the more hormone in their body, compared to just getting more out of what little they currently have.

The second reason is the androgenic precursors in Vintage Muscle products. The hormone responsible for masculinity, drive, and beard growth, that's called dihydrotestosterone.

When people say, "I like being on gear" or "I like taking these anabolics because it changes my mind". I get it because they have more dihydrotestosterone in their body. And that's basically the hormone that makes you masculine, makes you a guy. So what happens is with Vintage Muscle products, we take advantage of the precursor called epiandrosterone,

which converts directly to that and gives you those androgenic benefits such as tighter muscles, more mental clarity, and the central nervous system enhancement that comes with those types of compounds. Meanwhile, if you want to get those with SARMs, they are definitely not to the level of using a precursor to achieve that.

To sum it up, there are two reasons why Vintage Muscle users feel overall better than if they were to use a SARM: These products add a source of external hormones to your overall levels, and they take advantage of a precursor to dihydrotestosterone called epiandrosterone. Here are some products from the Vintage Muscle lineup that take advantage of epiandrosterone and the DHEA derivatives:

^Alpha Test Stack with epiandrosterone ^

^RAD-Mass Stack with 4-DHEA^

^19Nor Stack with 19Nor-DHEA^

^1-Androl Stack with 1-DHEA^

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