Controversial 1- Testosterone Precursor
Builds Lean Mass Like No Other

What is 1-Androl Stack?

1-Androl Stack is a 2 step precursor to the anabolic compound 1- Testosterone. It is widely considered to be the most effective legal anabolic available today and has helped countless users to develop massive, ripped physiques.

The true power of Androl Stack comes from the impressive features of 1- Testosterone as an anabolic compound.

Also known as δ¹-dihydrotestosterone, it differs from testosterone due to a 1-double bond (instead of the usual 4-double bond).

This gives it a high potency for androgen receptor binding, which drastically upregulates protein synthesis and lean muscle mass.

Imagine a supplement that could offer you the amazing recovery, strength, and size, BUT with none of legal hassle.

While it shares many similarities with anabolic steroids, it is also different in some key ways. This is a two-step precursor to the anabolic compound 1-testosterone.

That means that the body converts it into that substance once ingested. This helps to prevent hormonal imbalances, while still providing you with all the benefits.

There is no water retention here, and none of the other undesirable side effects either: just pure, unadulterated muscle.

What seals the deal though, is the Methyl-Test Testosterone Support product included in the stack.

This creates the perfect environment for building muscle and strength, such that you can take full advantage of the increased anabolism.

Methyl-Test preps the body, 1-Androl sets it into overdrive. It’s that one-two punch that takes this already potent formula and pushes it to extreme heights.

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1-dhea Stack Results

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What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?
If you are not satisfied and don't see results with 1-Androl after first month, you can return it anytime within 30 days of the purchase and we will give you a full refund.

We are selling results, not just empty claims.


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