How to Go from Stiff & Sore to Strong & Energized With These 5 Muscle-Building Tips For Men Over 40

Is it possible to build muscle over 40?


At Vintage Muscle, we have THOUSANDS of men winning the fight againstt aging. They’re getting chiseled midsections, building dense muscle, and most importantly…

…Supercharging their testosterone levels.

All this, on top of the rejuvenated energy levels and recovery they’re experiencing.

See, with age-related testosterone decline, and growth hormone levels dropping off a cliff, it just takes a slightly different approach to build muscle over 40.

But it starts with these five tips:

Tip One: Refill Your “Masculine Jet Fuel”

Testosterone is like jet fuel for a man. It’s the foundation of his energy levels, his metabolism, his ability to build strength and muscle, and even his joint health.

This is why men at 40 feel like they got the rug pulled out from under them - their testosterone has dipped up to 30% (sometimes more).

All of this said, the first step in building muscle over 40 is getting some support for your testosterone levels.

We recommend you start with Alpha Test Stack.

As a naturally-derived androgenic compound, it’s one of the most effective OTC ways to support your testosterone levels.

Most men experience lean muscle gains, a more chiseled midsection, youthful energy, and accelerated recovery.

All it takes is putting 1-2 drops under your tongue 30 minutes before your workout, or first thing in the morning on off-days.

Tip Two: Get MORE From Your Protein

You probably know that protein is KEY for building muscle…

But you may not know that as you age, your body uses less and less of the protein you consume to actually BUILD that muscle.

That means less of the protein you eat feeds your muscle, and more of it ends up in the toilet.

By some counts, your body uses 20-30% LESS protein by the time you hit 40… And even less every year past that.

That means you’re only building 2/3rds of the muscle you used to.

That’s why we recommend taking action with 1-Androl.

As an anabolic precursor, 1-Androl can increase your body’s use of protein by as much as 27%. Sometimes more.

Just like Alpha Test Stack, 1-Androl is easy to use.

Place it under your tongue and let it work its magic.

Tip Three: Reignite Your Metabolism

Another frustrating part of trying to build muscle over 40 is your metabolism - and not just for your waistline.

A man’s metabolism can slow by as much as 30% by the time they hit 40…

That means he has to eat 30% LESS to maintain his normal weight.

But there’s more - because a slow metabolism also disrupts your ability to build muscle.

See, when you burn LESS calories, that means there’s less energy available for building and repairing torn up muscle tissue.

And more than that, a slow metabolism also leads to decreased levels of muscle building hormones.

To fight back against a slow metabolism, we recommend Hades (Hydroxygenin).

When Hades enters the body, it acts as a hormone that reignites your metabolism. By some counts, it boosts the metabolism by 10-20% - sometimes more.

This can give you the metabolic support you need to slim down WHILE building muscle.

Tip Four: Accelerate Your Recovery

There’s no use in trying to build muscle if you’re barely able to get out of bed the next day.

This is what stops guys from reaching their muscle building goals - the aches, the soreness, and the stiffness.

To avoid this, you have to figure out why it happens in the first place.

You might know that after your mid-20s, your growth hormone secretion drops off a cliff. And that’s why men say, “my age is catching up with me” - because growth hormone plays a HUGE role in your ability to recover from intense workouts.

This is why we recommend GH-Soma to ANY guy trying to build muscle over 40.

GH-Soma is packed with ingredients to help you get a quality night of shut-eye…

While ALSO giving you GH support. In fact, some of the ingredients in GH-Soma have been shown to increase GH-secretion by up to 112%

Tip Five: Keep Your Joints Supple

Stiff joints can also derail your muscle-building efforts.

Every year, inflammation builds-up, joint cartilage erodes, and joint lubricant decreases. All of this culminates into joints that are on the verge of total breakdown.

All it takes is one move that’s too heavy, one slip up, and you’re sidelined - watching all the younger guys keep at it.

This said, if you want to fight back against joint pain, start with YOUTH.

YOUTH contains 3-high quality ingredients that support your joints through topical application.

Simply rub the “juice” on any problem areas. It’ll be absorbed through the skin and go to work fighting inflammation, rejuvenating the joints, and accelerating recovery.

Bonus Tip: Become The Man You've Always Wanted To Be

At Vintage Muscle, we believe men age like fine wine. The older they get, the better they get. And our muscle-building stacks were designed to help them unlock this version of themselves.

We know it can be tough to get fit over 40, especially if you’re just getting started.

That’s why we recommend skipping normal supplements, and getting stacks that help you restore your testosterone levels, metabolism, and ability to build muscle.

Over 52,804 men trust Vintage Muscle to help them fight back against Father Time.

And because of this, they’re able to dominate the boardroom, the weight room, and the bedroom.

Now it’s your turn.

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Vintage Muscle is an absolute trailblazer in the supplement industry. While other companies play follow the leader, overcharge, and underdeliver, Vintage Muscle stands in a league of its own. We’re constantly pushing boundaries, staying up to date with the latest androgenic science, and putting our Vintage Muscle army’s results FIRST.

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Our founder, Jared Van-Yperen was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder at a young age. At just eight years old, he was prescribed growth hormone. This opened his eyes to the importance of hormones in a man’s life.

A lot of age related declines in muscle and metabolism go away when your testosterone levels are in check.” Jared said.

It’s amazing the changes a man experiences when he simply boosts his testosterone levels. He’s no longer tired all the time, he has energy to do the things he loves, and he becomes the hero of his life again.”

Before Jared started Vintage Muscle, he was a successful competitive bodybuilder AND competitive athlete.

In that time, he tried all the supplements his local supplement stores had to offer - and was left wanting more. It wasn’t until he discovered anabolic precursors that he found something that was worthwhile.

The problem was, these anabolic precursors were expensive, often mislabeled, and varied in effectiveness.

So he decided to create his own line - and that’s how Vintage Muscle was born.

Now, we’re the guys men come to when their age has caught up with them.

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